If you are visiting this site, you have come to the same conclusion I have. SiteSpinner is a great program, but the included templates are not compatible with  current design styles.

As I am sure you are aware, in order to remain competitive with other businesses, it is important than our website looks like you know what you are doing.   Our templates will make you more competitive, and are likely to give you an edge with your business.

Each  template is designed from scratch. Not all templates will be similar in design or features. Most of our templates include main page, contact page, and one other page. All images in our templates  are available free of charge online, or created by residentgeek exclusively for our templates.

You are welcome to change colors, images, layout, or anything else you like in the templates. Our templates are not just availble to be used as your site, but also as a pattern for any other sites you need to make.
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While residentgeek endorses the use of the sitespinner & other virtual mechanics programs, he is not compensated for advertising  nor is an employee of virtual mechanics.  All information on this site is soley the property of residentgeek.me & its affiliates.

All templates were created by residentgeek, & all images included were either available online  copyright free or were created by residentgeek & associates. Any questions, feel free to contact us.
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About Us
This site, and all of our templates are created by residentgeek.  Residentgeek is a graphic designer who is also creates websites using dreamweaver, html, xml, and has also had experience in FrontPage, MS Expression, Word Press, and other formats, but likes the freedom and creativity availble in SiteSpinner and other Virtual Mechanics programs.

With more than 1400 created websites under his belt,  it was determined that the need for acceptable templates to use with SiteSpinner was vital. While grateful for the program, and what templates are available, the designs are really not current with what is accepted as professional any more.

Realizing that there are other web designers who face the same issues, whether they are creating for themselves or their clients, residentgeek decided to make templates available so that everyone can benefit. Lets face it. It is easy to find free sites to create with, but most of them either have lots of company branding, or they are complicated to use and most often limited. And there are a lot of ugly websites online. Let's do what we can to change that.
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