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Our Templates
Our templates are created from scratch, sometimes with inspiration from other sites, but all content, designs, graphics are either created by residentgeek or include images that can be found for free online. These are not google images, so you can use them in your projects, but for individuality or for your clients, it is best to use your own original images.

All of our templates are created to work specifically with SiteSpinner Pro, so if you do not have that program, then these templates will not work for you. 

The SiteSpinner Program does come preinstalled with some templates, but most of them were created years ago, and styles have changed quite a bit.  To see larger images of the templates just mouse over the small images.

However, to save you time instead of working from scratch you can now purchase some of my designs to use on your own website.  You may also hire me to complete the template for you, or even create a custom design just for you.
While residentgeek endorses the use of the sitespinner & other virtual mechanics programs, he is not compensated for advertising  nor is an employee of virtual mechanics.  All information on this site is soley the property of residentgeek.me & its affiliates.

All templates were created by residentgeek, & all images included were either available online  copyright free or were created by residentgeek & associates. Any questions, feel free to contact us.
Top Templates 
1.  business 101
2. sound studio 66
3. church 33
4.  law office 33
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this site created by residentgeek using sitespinner. all rights reserved residentgeek.me (c) 2011
Business 101
Business 99
Law Office 33
Non-Profit 911
Art Gallery 22
PhotoStudio 22
Medical Office 9
Church 33
Business 17
Facebook 12
Personal 88
Sound Studio 66
residentgeek.me graphic design & social media
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Business 101 is a fully editable template for your business. Includes home page, contact, and about us page. Styled after Word Press, centered in browser.

Part of our business collection. Please contact us if you would like us to customize it for you.
PhotoStudio 22 is a templated created for your photography business. Includes a Flickr slideshow on the front page. Simply replace the coding with your own Flickr gallery images for your own customized rotating images.

Business 99 is a fully editable template for your business or firm. Includes home page, services,  and contact page. Also styled after word press, it includes a link to your blog.
Law 33 is a fully editable template for a law firm. It is ready to go, just change to your information. It may also be used for a consulting firm, or other professional business. Includes index, about our firm, resources, and contact page with editable google map.
Business 17 is a fully editable templated created for use as a restaurant or cafe. Includes home, about us, menu, and contact page. Also includes a google map for location. Just update with your own images & information.
Sound Studio 66 is a fullly editable template for your recording studio, or music related business. Includes index, contact page, staff page, links for facebook, twitter, and youtube. Also includes a video spot on the front page for a video.
NonProfit 911 is a fully editable template created for use with a non profit group or charity.  Includes home, services, contact us pages. Could also be used for a religious organization.
Church 33 is a fullly editable template for your church or ministry. Includes home , media, & contact pages. Also included is a built in scripture of the day, logo, & editable youtube videos on the media page.
Please Note: All purchased templates are sent by email  now rather than by download to prevent hacking or possible viruses on the server.   It can take up to 24 hours to receive your order.